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Prevention of the diseases and early detection will help prolong the healthy life years and reduce morbidity.

Well child care

On every wednesday is a well child care day. We check the physical and psychological growth of the infants, perform checkup and immunisation.


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Welcome to our centre of family medicine!

We’re committed to providing the best customer service and medical care possible.

Dr. Irina Tšern, MD
Family doctor

The longer we work with our patients, the more clinical experience we acquire, we learn to know people, which helps to analyze and improve our work methods.

Dr. Andrei Tšern, MD
Family doctor

The medical staff of our Family Centre like their work very much and we're committed to carry out it in a high quality and qualified manner.

Primary health care

The first contact of a person with health concerns in the health care system is his or her family doctor or family nurse. In situations requiring urgent medical intervention one should indeed turn to the ambulance or the accident emergency medicine department, but in all other cases, the family doctor with his or her team is the first health consultant. A family doctor is a highly skilled physician who is able to diagnose and treat most diseases. In case of concern needing a medical specialist consultation, the family doctor will refer the patient to the relevant specialist.

If you have a health problem visit your GP

A family doctor in collaboration with a family nurse diagnoses and treats most diseases, monitors the child’s progress and persons with chronic conditions, performs minor surgical procedures, refers patients to examinations and analyzes, vaccinates, binds the wounds and removes stitches and, if necessary, makes home visits, gives advice on care, injuries or intoxications, and in terms of preventive measures, advises all persons included on his or her list.

A family doctor’s visit is free of charge for the insured

For home visits, the family doctor may charge up to 5€, regardless of how many patients she or he checks during the visit. Home visits for pregnant women and children under two years of age are free of charge.

A patient with an acute illness must be seen by a family doctor or nurse on the same day.

Chronic or other non-urgent concerns will be addressed by the family doctor within five working days.

The family nurse has independent appointments

The family nurse has independent appointments where he or she teaches, advises and guides people in promoting and maintaining health and preventing disease. The family nurse provides assistance in the event of illness and organizes medical records, in addition, the role of a nurse to monitor people with chronic illnesses. If necessary, the family nurse consults with the family doctor or refers the person to the appointment of the family doctor.

Everyone has the right to choose or change a family doctor

To register or change your family doctor, you must submit a signed application (Estonian: Avaldus perearsti nimistusse registreerimiseks) to the family doctor you have chosen. The application will be reviewed within 7 days, after which the selected family doctor will let you know if you have been accepted to doctor’s directory. After the doctor has confirmed to accept you, you are officially registered with the clinic starting from the 1st date of the following month. The family doctor has the right to refuse to accept a person onto their list if the maximum size limit set for the list of the family doctor has been exceeded. In Estonia, the maximum amount of the list of the family doctor is 2000 people (or 2400, if also an assistant doctor works in the doctor’s office).

Family physician information line

The family physician information line is a nationwide phone, from which you can receive medical advice 24h, dial 1220 or +372 634 6630 from abroad.



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